Vee Bougani

CEO / co-founder of Sustainable Food Movement in Greece & Founder of Foodity


CEO/co-founder of Sustainable Food Movement in Greece & Founder of Foodity. Vee is a social entrepreneur and a Sustainable Culinary Arts Consultant since 2013. She studied Cultural & Creative Industries at King’s College London and she has worked in the Cultural Industry over 10 years seeking funding and sponsorship for various art organizations in Greece and the UK. She has strong managerial and communication skills and she’s taken various job roles in leadership, administration and training.

She’s being trained and worked as a chef since her early 20s and from 2012 she has worked as a Culinary Arts consultant and a freelance Food & Travel Editor for various platforms such as Time Out Group, Lonely Planet, Forbes Travel Guide, CN Traveler, the Londonist & the Thrillist. Her greatest passion has always been food and she focused career wise on sustainability in the culinary and hospitality industry. She’s lived in London for more than 10 years and she’s worked as a Food Sustainability Expert in charge of various culinary projects in Europe, the States and the Middle East. She’s into social entrepreneurship since 2015 and an active business mentor of the Prince’s Trust International in Greece. She’s an EITFood Associate Member for South Europe and a GSTC Certified Practitioner. She’s an active member of the Kosmos initiative run by MEP Petros Kokkalis, promoting food sustainability and food policy making governance for Greece. She’s worked with ASEF and the UN for promoting a food waste strategy for the Hospitality Industry. Her mission is constantly to tackle food waste and promote sustainability in the Culinary Arts Industry regionally and internationally.


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