Ioli Chiotini

Networking & Design


Ioli is an Interiors Stylist & Creative Consultant, with a broad experience in curating environments – physical and digital – for various purposes and needs.

With a background in Interior Architecture and a specialization in Environmental Psychology, her approach emphasizes on ‘sensing’ and identifying each environments underlying identity and its connection with the people who interact with it. Her aspiration is to use creativity and aesthetic language to foster goals and unleash potential of products, companies and people.

The deep interest in the interdependence between people and surrounding space and her passion for innovation technology, has led her to envision a world in which anyone can explore and sort design trends through their uniqueness and creative ideas. Following her entrepreneurial spirit, she founded Dezaaz in 2018, a platform & app that would introduce AIin the realms of interior design and product recommendations.

Her experience includes having travelled and worked across different countries in Europe practicing set design and creative concepts, including that at the interiors department of Wallpaper* magazine, while she participated in projects both in London and Milan. She has collaborated with top photographers as a stylist in hospitality and commercial spaces and she mainly works as a consultant for style direction and object selection for commercial brands and hospitality needs.

Ioli believes in the idea that “a product or a space is a living organism, it forms its own personality which is being constantly transformed by the people who use it while at the same time it transforms them. This is incredibly dynamic; it’s a conversation, a true interaction that is taking place, an interdependence that needs to be respected and explored in multiple dimensions when approaching a solution for any environment, always in relation to time and reasoning.”


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