George Achillias

Strategy, Product, Operations


George Achillias is a senior C-level strategist who has more than 18 years of experience in harnessing technology and design as elements of a business strategy within an innovation ecosystem tailored to the unique needs of different organizations or industry. He has strong product and business knowledge and he has applied these in complicated global projects.

He has defined and delivered the global strategy and the innovation roadmap for FTSE200 companies and led digital transformation projects around the world.

He specializes in applying design-led and human-centric strategies into the value chain of an organization, while enhancing the current business operations. He is adaptable and versatile, and he has worked and thrived in 3 different continents working environments. His major achievement up today was that he has managed to transform the biggest insurance in the world and on the most iconic media groups into digital and innovative powerhouses.

He has a deep experience on creating ecosystems where services deliver value in an immersive experience-led way. He has a core and deep product design and deliver experience and skillset.

He is a PhDc at the Technical University of Crete; his research is focused on smart cities and the behavioural modelling of conversations between the entities of a smart cities and our digital twins. Since June 2018 he is a published co-author of the Book “Revealing The Invisible; How Our Hidden Behaviors Became The Most Valuable Commodity of the 21st Century


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