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Angelo Rezos has studied Economics in The University of Macedonia and East London University. Ηe is the CEO of Rezosbrands SA , a leading company in the superfoods market , who has recently been awarded the 1st European innovation award for functional food.
Τhe company operates a European R&D department , participating in European agrifood research projects and cooperating with startups in the sector.
Rezos Brands SA founded in 1989 in Patras. The company has its headquarters in Patras Industrial Area & branches in Athens & Heraklion, Crete. European Research & Development Department is the ‘Veniamin’​ of REZOS Brands SA, established officially in 2017.
EU R&D Department of Rezos Brands SA, has as objectives of operation, the involvement in European Projects, as a coordinator or as a partner, for exchange of ideas, experience and know- how transfer, the preparation of European projects proposals, the participation in accelerators with various projects. European Research & Development Department is manned with highly qualified and experienced staff in European Programmes, who have prepared and involved in several European projects. Our staff has successfully cooperated with has a very wide network of partners, public authorities, private companies, municipalities, NGO’s, Universities and research centers.


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